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Producteur de Provanille

Created in 1968, the vanilla cooperative invites visitors to discover the famous Reunion Vanilla and the various stages of its preparation.

Today, the Provanille cooperative is made up of 120 Vanilla producers in the east of the Reunion island, from Sainte-Rose to Saint-Philippe. The organisation is active in providing technical supervision, promoting and developing the sector, purchasing, collecting, processing and marketing its members’ products.

The Provanille cooperative organises guided visits to its workshops and garden. The plants are grown in the Reunion island’s most beautiful forests on unspoiled volcanic lava flows – a process that is essentially a family affair, handed down from generation to generation.

The cooperative organises 40-minute guided visits to its workshops and garden to discover the various stages of vanilla pod maturation, from planting to the workshop. The shop sells a range of hand-produced goods, prepared in particular from the famous pods, as well as from other produce typical of Reunion Island.

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